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Contemporary is referred to the now, present moment, any point in history, that making new art is always contemporary. But “contemporary art” has many meanings. For some, it may refer to the art that been made in the last 6 months to a year. But for some critics and curators, it can stretch to over 2 – 10 years. For cultural commentators and art historians that have longer view often begins counting after the World War II, together with rise of abstract expressions or could also be with shock of pop art in 1960s. But for some, it’s not about ‘when’, rather ‘how’ the ideas are expressed in the work that resonate the art of time.

So Contemporary Art is more of an ever-shifting field of activity.

If you are looking for a unique decorating idea for the workplace or home please explore this site’s gallery. Our mosaic art adds an elegant yet rustic touch to any décor. We use traditional Italian methods and have combined them with modern American style to create one of a kind mosaic masterpiece.

We share the great works of Picasso in mosaic form. Our desire is to search for that will match the master’s exact lines and colors, to create shimmering, unforgettable and unique interpretations of some of the World’s most loved works of art.


The Best Small Parts Dust Remover Vacuum Attachment

SPARDUSTER Vacuum Attachment to Clean Up Glass Mosaic Piles

SPARDUSTER small part dust remover vacuum attacmentThe SPARDUSTER Vacuum Attachment is quite effective in removing dust from small parts. It contains mesh screen for a rapid cleaning of small parts and collect glass dusts for cutting tile.

The SPARDUSTER dust remover is known to be the indispensable cleaning tool for workshops with many bins of small parts. You can easily remove the silvers and glass dusts of your glass mosaic piles without sucking up and loose a single tile. It will transform vacuum hose to an eater of sucking up tiny little pieces in cleaning small parts.


  • With less time, you are able to clean or remove glass dusts and silvers from thousands of small tile pieces
  • You can also remove pet hair and dusts from the pails of many tiny parts in just seconds
  • Able to clean up dust from toys such as Legos and many floor toys that you may have thought you have no time in cleaning them
  • Easily gather up spilled screws, tiles and beads without having to search individually
  • Never again to lose another small part with the vacuum
  • The screen can be replaced, plus it comes with a spare material in making replacement screen. This will let you use the SPARDUSTER for years to come!
  • American Made

household vacuumThe SPARDUSTER was made for household canister vacuums that could be your best vacuum cleaner for carpet 2017, as well as shop vacs which have hosses from 1.125 inches to 2 inches in diameter. The attachment is made from heavy gauge PVS to make it last for a long time. While the fiberglass screen can be replaced and it comes with material that is enough to cut 10 more screens for replacements, making the SPARDUSTER vacuum attachment to last for years!

You can use the SPARDUSTER as an attachment for home vacuum cleaners or shop vacs that have a hose of 2 inches in diameter or less. You should also avoid using it with a high powered shop vac for long periods to prevent air restriction in damaging the motor of the vacuum.