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Welcome to Manzella Mosaics – Contemporary Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art

Contemporary is referred to the now, present moment, any point in history, that making new art is always contemporary. But “contemporary art” has many meanings. For some, it may refer to the art that been made in the last 6 months to a year. But for some critics and curators, it can stretch to over 2 – 10 years. For cultural commentators and art historians that have longer view often begins counting after the World War II, together with rise of abstract expressions or could also be with shock of pop art in 1960s. But for some, it’s not about ‘when’, rather ‘how’ the ideas are expressed in the work that resonate the art of time.

So Contemporary Art is more of an ever-shifting field of activity.

If you are looking for a unique decorating idea for the workplace or home please explore this site’s gallery. Our mosaic art adds an elegant yet rustic touch to any décor. We use traditional Italian methods and have combined them with modern American style to create one of a kind mosaic masterpiece.

We share the great works of Picasso in mosaic form. Our desire is to search for that will match the master’s exact lines and colors, to create shimmering, unforgettable and unique interpretations of some of the World’s most loved works of art.